Data Analytics Roadmap

Farah Hassan

Data Analytics Roadmap

 I am wondering, if someone has created a Data analytics roadmap? I want to know how to tie in the data strategy with the data analytics roadmap.


I would appreciate your thoughts or resources on it - Thank you.


Farah Hassan

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RE: Data Analytics Roadmap
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During past years we have been helping associations determine how to use data to make decisions, we have identified 8 primary goals for an Analytics Strategy & Roadmap process:

  1. Align analytics objectives with the organizational strategic plan.
  2. Recognize the importance of data as a key organizational asset that requires oversight and governance to ensure quality.
  3. Assess and document the current state of Data, Technology, Processes and Culture.
  4. Quantify the direct and indirect costs of the current situation (data is not clean, accessible, understood and consistently used for decisions).
  5. Identify achievable desired outcomes and understand their value.
  6. Prioritize these outcomes according to business impact, technical complexity, and organizational considerations.
  7. Educate executives and staff about what is possible and what to expect from an analytics initiative.
  8. Establish a high level plan for implementing the analytics strategy, including scope, cost and schedule.

Helping our clients understand their current state, while comparing it to a desired and realistic future state, has proven to be a very effective method for building a data & analytics roadmap. To jump-start this process, we created a proven framework for assessing an organization’s data & analytics maturity. Developing an understanding of where your company is in each of six key areas is a critical first step in mapping your way forward.

  • Strategy: A disciplined process of developing and managing long-term business objectives, including the actions that help achieve those objectives.
  • Analytics: Effective consumption of enterprise and ad hoc information with tools that are capability-aligned to analytic use cases.
  • Data: An organization’s ability to capture, transform, and enrich data assets, including documentation and maintenance of standardized definitions for master data, rules, entities, and references.
  • Governance: Ensuring the ongoing relevance, flexibility, and accuracy of data, and developing application and analytic solutions that fit the company’s unique needs, culture, and use cases.
  • Skills: An organization’s collective expertise around supporting the full lifecycle of data & analytics delivery, including data architecture, data integration, project management, business analysis, data science, user experience, and training.
  • Architecture: Alignment of systems and infrastructure to support business applications in a secure, scalable, and flexible manner.


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Jose Mari Taleno

RE: Data Analytics Roadmap
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Wow! Thanks for sharing this very comprehensive insight!