Linking Data Strategy to Business Strategy

Anthony J Algmin

Linking Data Strategy to Business Strategy

In this community, I'll assume that we agree that Data Strategy should be strongly connected to Business Strategy. From what I've witnessed in the field, this usually takes the form of a one-directional flow from Business Strategy to inform Data Strategy.

Have any of you had experience formally informing/driving Business Strategy from Data Strategy? This would be a bottoms-up approach that I think might work in some cases, but rarely see the senior Business Strategy folks including the Data Strategy folks in the conversation. Would love to hear any other perspectives on this topic.



Anthony J. Algmin
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Charles Harbour

RE: Linking Data Strategy to Business Strategy
(in response to Anthony J Algmin)

Invite data geeks to sit at the adult table for Thanksgiving dinner?  Perish the thought!


My direct experience probably parallels your own - there have been certain instances where this happened (in my case, using geospatial data to help drive usage statistics/understand customer needs) - but it's a classic chicken and egg situation.  You need a highly tuned, top of the maturity curve data management system in order to gain acceptance at the C-suite level - but you don't get approval for said mature system without proving results.


Part of the discussion is that your data strategy, by its very nature, is not a driver for the business (with possibly some exceptions - AWS is one I can think of as an exception, not the rule).  It's seen (and generally, rightly so) as simply a method for doing business - so the direction is not so important, so long as your data characteristics are maintained (all of your quality, security, etc).


On my to-do list is to implement a pilot that demonstrates prescriptive/proscriptive analytics that prove the value (directly demonstrates business value of a self-tuning system) - but, like everyone, I'm having trouble putting time against that pilot because I have other, 'higher' priorities (read: more urgent, but less important, since the pilot I'm talking about would save the company more than $100K a year).  The suggestions of leveraging a small, pilot program to demonstrate value is a must in this situation - but I think your question still stands, esp in context of multiple industries.


Curious to hear other stories.