Utilizing Governance Working Teams to Address Data Quality

Robert S Seiner

Utilizing Governance Working Teams to Address Data Quality

Thanks to those of you that attended my RWDG webinar today. Let's use this space to ask and address questions you have on the subject. Happy New Year everybody!


Michelle Knight

RE: Utilizing Governance Working Teams to Address Data Quality
(in response to Robert S Seiner)

Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for the presentation.

I was curious, in general, Where do you think a software tester/quality assurance testing utilized in the governance working team? Based on experience, I saw a lot of integration testing for Data Quality. Integration testing looks at the journey of the user through different departmental systems and parts of the application.

For example, while validating an application processing foreign checks, software testers needed to validate exchange rate inputs as well as bank account balances. Essentially the other departments "responsible for that data" would create a test sample. The tester, in IT, would then use this test sample to run through the application and ensure input connections were working and that quality data entered and was processed by the application. Most of the time, the software/tester would identify Data Governance needs.

Are you finding that mainly this type of role is taken over by a Data Governance administrator so that Quality Assurance and software testing becomes less necessary particularly in an IT department?

Michelle Knight

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