Socializing responsibilities across the Information Life Cycle

Mark Kuhnhenn

Socializing responsibilities across the Information Life Cycle

Before I can begin to boot-strap up a Data Governance process (even a low-impact one), I need to help my organization change realize the old pattern of:

  1.  Business wants an Information Processing function
  2.  IT creates/builds/operates the Information Processing System based on that need
  3.  No one addresses the Data Governance/Management/Quality/Security aspects of the solution
  4.  Start the process again, and again, and again...

I'm considering creating a set of template documents that start with a framework of what the long-term responsibilities of the Business, IT Architecture, IT Operations, Info Sec, Data Privacy and Records Retention, Project Management Office and other functional areas of the organization are signing up for starting at the point that a record is captured at the point the Business declares their need.

I am thinking that this/these documents would start with some loose framework of responsibilities - something not too burdensome for a Concept level effort to produce.   Signatures of the representatives from each area would be needed to show that the various teams all had some some exposure to these listings.

As the inevitable project proposal/funding approval process grinds it's way along, at various milestones the participants in the process would need to begin to flesh out those documents.  Parts of the documentation would include the need to identify critical data elements, and establish business area data stewardship and long term responsibilities.

The idea would be to build awareness of the repercussions of asking for resources from the organization to build systems that eventually have a far greater impact that the person who originally submitted the request.

Any thoughts on this idea?   I'd like to know if anyone has implemented something like this, and see if there are any known document templates along these lines.


Michelle Knight

RE: Socializing responsibilities across the Information Life Cycle
(in response to Mark Kuhnhenn)

Hi Mark,
Documentation and templates help and this type of solution could be needed. But, also the people aspect needs to be addressed too. Not everyone responds to logical documentation in the same way and other approaches may be needed too, depending on the work culture. Some companies go through an assessment to establish a benchmark and a set of strategies. I recommend getting some more information about the people and management styles before delving into the paperwork.

You may wish to look at our expert's pages as many of them have helped organizations stuck in the patterns you describe, in part by doing an evaluation and working with the people stuff.





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William McKnight

RE: Socializing responsibilities across the Information Life Cycle
(in response to Mark Kuhnhenn)

It sounds like you want to interject some data governance considerations into the current method of solution delivery, which is great. It sounds like you'll be asking for some documentation, etc. 

It all sounds good but I think you'll need to have some bigger picture objectives in play in order to get people to fill out the governance documentation. You need to be able to answer the question of why are we "adding" to the process. 

You may want to develop a data strategy for the organization and get some buy in first. This strategy would naturally include how these data governance items fill gaps that help company objectives (limit rework, enable new business, compliance, security, etc.). This makes your ask more solid.