Data Governance Position - Chicago IL. email resume to [login to unmask email]

Gary Pennacchio

Data Governance Position - Chicago IL. email resume to [login to unmask email]

The key responsibilities of the role include:

 Responsible for improving data quality across Security Services by implementing and maintaining an institutional data governance structure and data quality methodology. Establishes policies, standards and processes that will be developed and maintained to support the data governance function.  As subject area expert, consults on data quality improvements across Security Services.  Advocate for the adoption of rigorous data quality management. 

Develops tools and processes used to maintain a common, data standard across Security Services. 

Assesses, manages, maintains strategies that reduce data redundancy and increases the consistency / confidence of data used for decision making; improving knowledge across the group. 

Defines and delivers data management standards, processes and controls and content for the creation and maintenance of common data dictionaries. 

Participates in periodic reviews to ensure continued compliance with the data governance policies (includes compliance assessments, monitoring and control testing). 

Resolves conflicting priorities among data owners, data consumers and custodians within sphere of the domain. 

Collaborates with partners within Security Services in maintaining the data governance and data quality structures ensuring we are meeting business needs while balancing quality, risk and cost. 

Carries out activities that are large in scope, cross-functional and technically difficult. 

Role is balanced between high level operational execution and development, and execution of strategic direction of business function activities. 

Conducts preliminary analysis. 

Responsible for direct interaction with different committees and/or management. 

Strategic in developing, implementing and administering programs within functional areas. 

Provides direct support to the Security Services Data Domain Owners in relation to implementing policies, standards and strategies.

The successful candidate will benefit from having: 


College or University degree and/or relevant proven work experience is required / preferred. Related Industry qualification (e.g. ACCA) is required / preferred.


Knowledge of Data Governance, Data Quality, and Enterprise Data Management concepts. 


Understand and be capable of effectively communicating the role of Data Governance to both business and technical communities within the sphere of the data domain. 


Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. 


In-depth Security Services Functional / Industry Knowledge is required. 


Highly flexible and adaptable to change. 


Technical skills / systems knowledge (e.g. Infosphere) is required.

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