KPI for Data Governance

Vijay Mohan

KPI for Data Governance

Has anybody implemented a KPI for Data Governance and Data Quality operational activities? If so how have you gone about it? Example:



William McKnight

RE: KPI for Data Governance
(in response to Vijay Mohan)

It depends on the perspective of who is giving the KPIs and the direction of the data governance program, but here's some ideas.

Client satisfaction/value add to projects.

Percentage of corporate attributes "under management" - i.e., in the corporate architecture. 

Percentage of attributes in the corporate architecture that meet a data quality standard.

Percentage of entities in enterprise conceptual model with accepted data definitions.

Participation/ease of participation in corporate initiatives.

Data breech/security violations.

Demonstrated understanding of data governance at executive level.

Data stewardship coverage of the enterprise conceptual model.

Periodic meetings held with attendance and participation.

Literate, widespread, consistent answers to questions about enterprise data at metadata level (i.e., how many subject areas do we have).

Joe Danielewicz

RE: KPI for Data Governance
(in response to Vijay Mohan)

At my previous employer we tracked KPI's that measured the data stewards on how well they were keeping their business terms updated in the business glossary (IBM's Data Governance Catalog). 

1. Number of Terms that had a short description.

2. Number of Terms that had source table(s) assigned. 

We reviewed their KPI's in monthly Data Governance Council meetings. 

I'm attaching an example of the KPI graphics. There were six functional areas (Purchasing, Supply Ops, Logistics, etc.) in our sector so we measured the six data stewards on these KPI's and compared them to each other.


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