Data Governance - Designing and Execution/Implementation

Gopinath Rajee, Data Engineer

Data Governance - Designing and Execution/Implementation


I wish I had seen this forum atleast last year as it would have helped me immensely. Nevertheless, we are in the process of embracing Data Governance in one form or the other and at this point the whole Data Governance seems to be very hazy because of my own ignorance and I need some clarifications from the members or point me in the right direction.

I bought the DAMA-DMBOK book and went through the relevant modules of an Ideal Data Governance Program while we are actively looking at some of the Data Governance tools such as Collibra, Alation … etc in the market.

Given that the Data Governance program is largely a business function, its primary function is to design, create policies and procedures to ensure the security & quality of data which would further help in being compliant regulatory needs. Given that these activities are at the Strategic level, the software such as Collibra and Alation merely document the policies and procedures – Am I right? I’m asking since capturing meta-data in itself is a huge task as is Data Quality, MDM … etc

To summarize, Data Governance software helps in ideating & documenting the strategic policies and procedures where as the implementation will still be done by the infrastructure team with the help of softwares for individual modules such as Data Integration, Data Quality, MDM, Meta-Data.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or point me in the right direction.

For our implementation, we are looking in terms of implementing Meta-Data, Data Security and Data Quality

Merrill Albert

RE: Data Governance - Designing and Execution/Implementation
(in response to Gopinath Rajee, Data Engineer)

Think about people, process, and technology.  You need the right people being involved in data governance or you won't get the right decisions.  You need people following the right processes or you won't be able to trust your data.  There are technologies that can help you, or speed things up, but if you haven't got the right people and processes in place, no technology can save you.  If you're new to data governance, think if there's anyone else there who can help you.  Anything can be difficult to do if you've only had the opportunity to read a single book or take a single class.  You may need some additional help from a consultant.