Strategy/architecture/governance for long term data retention

Brian Clarke, Digital Info Architect

Strategy/architecture/governance for long term data retention

Wasn't sure which forum this topic was best suited for, as it crosses a few of them. Anyhow posting in Governance since it has to do with data lifecycle.

I am a digital info architect starting to work with our corporate info governance area on a strategy around long term data retention. As with most organizations we have been dealing with the challenges around long term data retention for many many years. These challenges include the usual ones around obsolescence and ongoing replacement of associated hardware platforms (backup infrastructure, tape etc), differing and changing data formats and which one is sustainable as a long term format, many different existing data application & retention repositories (on-premise record management apps, cloud retention repositories, backup to disk/tape etc), varying needs for retention/access/performance.

Anyhow just looking for any experience or thoughts on how best to approach looking at these from a holistic viewpoint and what retention strategies, architectures or applications you have worked with or recommend. Pretty big bucket request I know but would love any insight or experience on this. TIA.

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